Born and raised in Italy, Paola F Bidinelli started cultivating her artistic interest during her school education mostly focused on performing disciplines, and further developed when she opted to take her PhD in Semiotics of Art. After completing the Degree, she delved even more into her personal research by attending the 'School of Piazza del Popolo' in Rome, Italy, which include international personalities such as Mario Schifano, Jannis Kounellis, Giulio Turcato, Willem De Kooning, Cy Twombly, Robert Rauschenberg, Annibale Biglione, Tano Festa, Franco Angeli, Jean Leppien, Giosetta Fioroni, Lucio Bulgarelli, Pino Pascali, Francesco Lo Savio, Renato Mambor.

Selected for the 'International Award NEW ART 2000', she participated at the Biennial of the National Museum of Art in Taiwan, where a couple of her works are part of the permanent collection (Autumn's Prison and No, there is not), and at the 'Everart Gallery Exhibition' in Paris, France. In 1994, she was selected for the 'Traveling Art Exhibitions Award', and showed her works in a cultural tour throughout Italy, France and United States, with critical reviews in the magazines 'Art' and 'Flash Art'. In 1999, she got a nomination and a solo exhibition at the Biennial of Art and Design, held in the Museum of Castle, Nocciano, Italy. In 2001, she won the TELETON Prize 'Signs and Colors', BNL, Italy, and in 2002, the 'XI National Competition of Painting and Sculpture Prize G. D'Annunzio', Pescara, IT.

Recently, she has been selected for the 'Mary Schein Fall Salon Prize 2018', Cambridge, MA, for the 'Sorenson Exhibit 2018', Salt Lake City, UT, and for the 'Alfred Lambourne Visual Arts Prize 2018', Salt Lake City, UT.

Paola also lectured as a professor, specializing in Art Analysis, at Universities, Colleges, and Academies, in Italy, Europe. In 2014, she moved to United States and enstablished her career as a full time artist. She is the founder of the artistic movement 'Bianco Avant-garde' active in Europe and USA with a group of talented painters, sculptors, actors, musicians and dancers who involve the public in emotional experiences by addressing the great issue of 'man-reality' perceptual conflict.

Paola's main focus is art socialization, and the project reflects her research into new modes or system of sharing art.


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