Sunrise upon my childhood room

mixed media on canvas

27,5 x 29,3


mixed media on canvas

28 x 39

Spiritual Skyline

mixed media on canvas

31,4 x 39,3


mixed media on woodboard

17,7 x 31,4

In memory

mixed media on canvas

27,5 x 39


mixed media on canvas

15,7 x 23,6


mixed media on canvas

23 x 31

Ocean sound

mixed media on woodboard

32 x 40

Driving power

mixed media on woodboard

35,4 x 47,2

Something is still here

mixed media on woodboard

11,8 x 15,7

Along the avenue of my years

mixed media on canvas

39 x 47


mixed media on woodboard

7 x 12

Like trees

multimaterial on wood

28 x 13

Space-Time passage

mixed media on canvas

16 x 12

Reality is a veil

mixed media on polyethylene 

9.5 x 12

+1 617 953 7146



poetics of white

paola f bidinelli


I realized I was an artist very early in my childhood when my grandfather Giovanni, while sitting in his lap, whispered his delicate poems in my ear. When he did so, I traveled to a magical world where every single word turned into a fragment of image and all together they made a landscape of the soul. Even today, when I paint, I seem to plunge back into those white memories and listen to the warm voice of a poet.


Art is a metalanguage, bearer of a secret to be revealed to those who truly seek it. I look for grasping the vital principle embedded in matter as a precious jewel, with the aim of reuniting man with the universe. It's about a spiritual communication, an amplification, a resonator, an enhancer of flavors, sounds and essences. I would say that artists offer bionic glasses to those who accept the challenge of wearing them in order to penetrate the world.


In my artistic journey, I carry on my Poetics of White as a life phylosophy in response to an over-stimulated, digital and noisy world that risks us losing touch with the essence of things. The surronding reality is a simulacrum of its original model. Mostly chaotic, partial, suggestive, hypnotic, manipulative, it's only an appearance, a veil lying on the truth. To grasp its “beyond” it is necessary to tear apart the veil that makes it opaque and distorted. My white art is a new challenge to silence, listening and therapeutic fasting to recover the full functionality of the sensorial part of man through imagination. By its structure, the white is a subliminal, archetypal, original, cosmic color. It is a magnetic field of infinite shapes and nuances that polarize the eye and stimulates introspection and perception. In Poetics of White, even the exhibition spaces are like "White Lands" where the viewer is put in emotional relationship with what he looks at. A space open to the birth of sensations, where recovering the uncontaminated gaze of a child, still able to be amazed, and to perceive the heart of things.








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