Performing Arts Degree, International Academy of Art, Osimo, Italy

PhD in Semiotics of Arts, Gabriele d'Annunzio University, Pescara, Italy.

Piazza del Popolo School of Art, (Maestro Lucio Bulgarelli) Rome-Chatillon, Italy



MvVO Art 2020, Oculus World Trade Center, New York

Roanoke Museum of Art, Virginia

Writ & Vision Art Gallery, Provo, UT

Bianco Avant-garde Performing Arts Center, Orem, UT


AF Visual Art, American Fork, UT

Covey Center for the Arts, provo, UT

801 Creative Women Winter Event, Salt Lake City, UT

Antony's Fine Arts and Antiques, Salt Lake City, UT

Belmont Gallery of Arts, Belmont, MA

Fountain Street Art gallery, Boston, MA

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA


Barn Opera Gallery, Brandon, VT

FSFABoston Gallery, Juried exhibition, Boston, MA

Cambridge College's Town Common Gallery, Charlestown, MA

Silence the Stones Gallery, Bolton, MA

Sorenson Unity Center Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

Art and words Gallery, Cesena, IT

Sivers Salon Gallery, Orlando, FL

Alfred Lambourne Arts Prize, Salt Lake City, UT

Mary Schein Fall Salon Prize, Cambridge, MA

Fountain Street Art Gallery, Boston, MA

Freepoint Satellite Gallery, Cambridge, MA

University Place Gallery, Cambridge, MA,

Coldwell Banker, CAA Satellite Space, Cambridge, MA

Main Street Art Gallery, Clifton Spring, NY

Nantucket Cultural Center, Cape Code, MA

Belmont Gallery of Arts, Belmont, MA


Salt Lake City Art Festival, Utah

Casa Grande Fine Art Exhibition, Arizona

Springville Art Museum, Utah

Litchfield Park Art Festival, Arizona

Urbans Art Gallery, Utah

Utah Art Festival, Logan, Utah
Covey Center For the Arts, Utah

Hanging Around the World Festival, Utah

2016 West Coast Artist Festival, California

2015 Augustin-Muller Art Gallery, New Zeland (solo exhibition)

2014 Augustin-Muller Art Gallery, New Zeland (collective contest)

2013 Everarts Gallery of Arts, Paris, France

2012 Leipzig Art Gallery, Germany

2011 Kunst und Kultur Gallery, Germany

2010 Hesa Art Academy, Montesilvano, Italy

2009 Congress Hall Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

2008 Steffani Academy of Art, CastelfrancoVeneto, Italy

2007 Civic Art Gallery, Chatillon, Italy

2006 St. Vincent Art Gallery, Aosta, Italy

2005 Borey Art Galerie, Maribor, Slovenia

2004 Conference Palace's Gallery, Lecce, Italy

Mario del Monaco Foundation, Rome, Italy

2003 Augustin-Muller Art Gallery, New Zeland

2002 Akbarzadeh-Glatthard Galerie, Bern, Switzerland

2001 Galerie Doktorhaus, Oberdiessbach, Switzerland

Palais Besenval, Solothurn, Switzerland

2000 Art & Finance Maria Bernhart Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland


Atlantis Hall, Zurich, Switzerland

Civic Art Gallery, St.Vincent, Italy

International Biennial of Art and Design Old Castle, Catignano - Italy


"Cribs" Gallery Alviani Gallery, Castel di Sangro, Italy

Rich and Famous Gallery, Rapperswill, Switzerland

Augustin Gallery, Radgona, Slovenia

Hanne Brehm Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland


Civic Gallery: Festa, Schifano, Turcato, Brindisi, Capogrossi, Bidinelli- Saint Vincent - Italy

Keizer Art Room, Kloster, Switzerland

Galerie Atelier GAA, Radgona - Slovenia


In Art Gallery, Chieti, Italy

Art New 2000 traveling exhibition, Paris, France - New York - USA

Everarts Gallery Review, Paris, France

Telesma Gallery, Rome, Italy

Conference Room Il Giardino, Ascona, Switzerland

Art Gallery Leipzig, Germany

Kunst und Kultur, Leipzig, Germany

Borey Art Galerie, Maribor, Slovenia


Conference Room, Zurich, Switzerland

Del Corso Gallery, Osimo, Italy

Borey Art Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

Rudolf Bindella Hall, Montepulciano, Italy

National Museum of Art - Chung Chen Gallery, Taiwan, China


Arteitalia Gallery, Pescara, Italy

UNLI Conference Metaponto Fair, Basilicata Region, Italy

Il Cenacolo Gallery, Pescara, Italy

F.P.Michetti Foundation, Francavilla, Italy

The Collector Gallery, Tarquinia, Italy

Palizzi Art Hall, Vasto Italy

Torre Ciarrapico Gallery, Francavilla, Italy

Circolo Kapsiko, Chieti, Italy

Itinerary review of the Miniquadro "Christmas ... a painting" - Il Cenacolo, Pescara, Italy

Alvianiarte, Castel di Sangro, Italy

1993 Circolo Bridge, Pescara, Italy

Public Collections:

Sivers Salon Gallery, Orlando, FL

Danzante - Utah Art Festival, Logan, Utah

National Museum of Art - Chung Chen Gallery, Taiwan, China

Everarts Gallery, Paris, France

Mario del Monaco Foundation, Visual Arts Gallery, Rome, Italy

Opus Gallery, Zurich, CH


CASIT Italian Consulate, Boston, MA



CAA Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA

Augustin-Muller Art Gallery, New Zeland

Ludonation Cultural Center Community, Rome, IT-Salt Lake City, UT – Boston, MA

Fountain Street Fine Art, Boston, Massachusetts

Artist Residencies:

Kindli Cultural Resort, Zurigo, Switzerland

Von Planta Residence, Zug, Switzerland

Kunst Zentrum, Zug, Switzerland

Artist Studios, Maribor, Slovenia

Augustin-Muller Art Studio, Waikanae, New Zeland

Bulgarelli Art Studio, Chatillon, Italy

Ludonation No-profit Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

Sivers-Windermere, Orange County, Florida

Art Publications:

Artemis Journal 2020, Roanoke, Virginia

Vertical souls, the true spiritual art, 2015

Cum-Discipulis art exhibition - Ed Brandolini, 2007

The mirror's ambiguity- essay on Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez, 2002

Nurkultur Artefiz - Music & Art Promotion - Zurich (CH), 2000

The fairy tales of art- 100 biographies of painters - Ed Dominario, 2000

Paola F Bidinelli Works - Valle d'Aosta Autonomous Region, St.Vincent (AO), 1999

Rose's Choice - International Biennial of Art & Design - Ed. NoUBS, Catignano (PE), 1999

Letters- catalogue of paintings Ed. Matterhorn, 1998

Beyond the clouds ... the Cribs - Blue Art Association - Cultural Service Center, Castel di Sangro (AQ), 1998

Along the avenue of my years- graphical CD Ed.Hardstudios AG, 1997

Taiwan R.O.C & Italy Exchange Exhibition - Chien Chie-Fang, Taiwan (CHINA), 1995

The sacred in the opera - Italian opera I. Schmid - Chur (CH), 1995

Art New 2000 - Ed. The Collector - Tarquinia (VT), 1994
Meetings and Comparisons: The Language of Art - Kapsico Cultural Circle - Chieti, 1994

Sea Songs - The Collector - Tarquinia (VT), 1994

Vincent Van Gogh-Ed. Innovation, 1993
Abruzzo Class Opera - Le Nozze di Figaro - National AICS - Centro Servizi Culturali, Chieti, 1993


Scenic settings:

Lamb of God, Oratorio by Rob Gardner, Cambridge Production, MA, 2018

Messiah, Oratorio by Haendel, Lee Groberg Production, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2010

Sacred in the Opera, Kathedral Chur, Switzerland, 1995

Ghosts of Christmas, by Charles Dickens "A Song of Christmas" - Cinema Teatro Asterope, Francavilla, Italy, 1994


2018 Alfred Lambourne Arts Prize, Salt Lake City, UT

XI National Competition of Painting and Sculpture "Premio G. D'Annunzio" - Pescara, IT, 2002

TELETON "Signs and Colors" - BNL - L'Aquila, IT, 2001

Art New 2000 International Art Award, 1993 (Acquisition by the National Museum of Art in Taiwan of two paintings ("Autumn's Prison" and "No, there is not" -1994), Taiwan, ROC

Traveling exhibitions award: Italy-France-United States (critical reviews in the magazines "Arte": supplement to the N ° 245 November 1993 and "Flash Art": N ° 185, June 1994) Paris, FR – NY, USA

Journalistic collaborations:

SoSheSlays, womens' online community

The dreaming Machine, online magazine of art and poetry

La Pagina Reporter, The art's fairy tale, Zurich, Switzerland

Il Trovatore (Pescara Italia)

Inchiostro (Verona Italia)

La Pagina Reporter Wochenzeitung (Zurigo Svizzera)

Italia è...magazine (Edizioni RAI-ERI, Roma Italia)

Radiocorriere TV (Edizioni RAI-ERI, Roma Italia)

Numeri Uno TV (Edizioni RAI-ERI, Roma Italia)

Musicaaa! (Mantova Italia)

Encounter Abruzzo (Pescara Italia)

Classic (Basilea Svizzera)

Bacherontius (Genova Italia)

Don Quichotte (Bologna Italia)

Forever (Roma, Italia- Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Il Messaggero, Pescara

Il Corriere di Viterbo, Viterbo

Il Corsivo - Media Valle, Aosta

La Stampa, Aosta

Atlantis Today, Zurigo

Cahiers d’Art , Parigi

Corriere Adriatico, Ancona

Accademia d’Abruzzo, Pescara

Segni e colori, L’Aquila

Neue Mittelland Zeitung, Solothurn, Svizzera

Dvakrat Mesecno, Slovenia

Il Venerdì, Pescara

L’Opera, Milano


Some criticisms (excerpts):

The artist Paola F Bidinelli circumnavigates the darkness of light to recount the path of her disquietude and her errant interrogation of life. It is a painful painting, whose color castings are only in appearance a sheet of quiet and peace. It almost seems that the work is not there and has never been, because it has reached such dimensions that it is no longer seen. Paola F Bidinelli has collected the heavy legacy of Rotko and Fontana, shattering the conquests and going even further. Her language is without support, because it refuses to articulate itself in a syntax of reason.

Carmine Benincasa – Catalog Presentation Paola F Bidinelli's Artworks - Centre Communal d'Art Moderne, St. Vincent


I read on the canvas and in the verses enough to understand the call of the summit, the depth of the ego and the colors of a soul that manages to reinvent effortlessly and bites time like a great sculptor can scratch the stone.

Franco Castellini - Academy of Abruzzo for Literature, Sciences and Arts


In these works there is no play of temptations, no figurative exploitation of pure invention, no abstraction at any cost. It's representation that enchants and welcomes its beauty; the challenges are at the extreme of "madness", of the absolute that restless and overwhelms with a warning signal that anticipates the event of desecration. The lightness of the "forms", the language that is born and is configured in the immediate writing, supported by a pictorial culture that does not allow it to make mistakes of "visual apprenticeship", enriches the work of Paola Bidinelli of an authentic, sincere gesture of creativity, which confirms its artistic value so full of future openings.

Lucio Bulgarelli - "Epistolario 1995-1998" - Ed. Cervino, Chatillon (AO)- pp.29,30


You can call "fast" the complex proceed of this painting whose inspiration invites you to a quick time of remembering. Intriguing exercises of a melancholy of memory moved by a warm wind of heart. The aesthetic result is so rich and complex as to constitute in itself the backbone of an authentic way of reading nature as a sublime forest of transparent seaweed.

Leonardo Mancino - Corriere Adriatico – Macerata


Young, sensitive and refined artist, whatever the Paola Bidinelli's cultural background may be, shapes and colors of her paintings capture the attention of the viewer pushing the analysis in the many triggered conceptual registers.

Lucio Viti - Il Centro d'Abruzzo – Vasto


The fruition of these works, gathered under the title "Canti Marini" has to be done with a preliminary opening of credit towards this art that appears as a free flow of emotions and thoughts, dreams and feelings, like a kaleidoscope of allusive signals, able to arouse a myriad of different meanings.

Umberto Russo - Gazzetta di Chieti


As foundation of the Bidinelli's entire body of works, the presence of the material is consistent and exclusive and tendentially extended to the dissolution of gravity due to a constant draft of the enlivened white color. Sometimes white is crossed by emblematic signs of an archaic and classical lexical patrimony, suitable for conferring ultratemporal dimensions. White returns to the row matter a virginity lost along the itinerary of existence. Matter no longer contaminated by deadly illusions, but gratified by docile signs and elegant spatial compositions.

Leo Strozzieri - Museum of contemporary art, Nocciano, Italy

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